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About Us

We’re building the ultimate Minecraft documentation project and if you’re interested in making things even better this is the page for you.

This page will be split up into three sections to help you get about:

  • New Ideas
  • New Content
  • Improving Content

Submitting Ideas

If you’re an administrator looking for docs that we don’t currently have information on then this is probably the section for you, it will explain how to raise a new Github issue with the information required for us to get the ball rolling with your request.

  • Head on over to the Github repository
  • In the menu bar at the top select ‘Issues’
  • Select ‘New Issue’
  • Select ‘Feature Request’
  • Complete the required sections on the provided form

Ensure you fill out the form with as much information as you can as this will help us build better documentation

Writing Content

If you’re interested in writing content / migrating your own doc environment over to our wiki a Github PR is your best option. Please also ensure you have followed our styling guide to ensure your PR doesn’t get rejected for lack of continuity.

Single Articles

If you’re going to write a single article you can do so with the following steps, before you consider uploading a document please ensure you are using a template from our sister github repository.

  • Head on over to the Github repository
  • In the menu bar at the top select ‘Pull Requests’
  • Select ‘New Pull Request’
  • Select the branch of your forked repo that you wish to commit as a PR
  • Select ‘View Pull Request’

The contributors will then verify the PR is good and will approve your content.

Migrating Wikis

If you already use docusaurus for your own project, adding your content here is super easy and should be a drag and drop migration. You’ll need to submit a PR but it’s recommended you reach out to us on Discord so we can setup some indexing for your future content.

Improving Content

As Minecraft continues to grow so will our project and we hope that if you spot inconsistancies in our project you’ll hit the ‘Edit Page’ link at the bottom to submit a PR request with any corrections you wish to make.