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Discord Server

All project contributors are volunteers and will carry the project contributor role within our server.

Those that carry the project lead role are the core representatives of the project and should be the ones who are consulted on any issues within.

A permanent invite to our server can be found here.

Ground Rules

As with any public server, there are some rules that need to be followed.

  • Be kind to one another
  • Don’t be an ass, no one is paid to deal with your poor behaviour
  • Don’t post any NSFW content
  • Follow the Discord community guidelines
  • Follow the Discord terms of service

Server Roles

A brief overview of important roles within our server and how they are obtained.

| Roles | Description | | :------------------- | :-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | --- | | Project Lead | This is a role that is reserved for first-party members of the project. | | | Project Contributors | Anyone who has submitted work for the Github repository is eligible for this role, you should have your Github account linked to your Discord account and publicly visible. | | Community Nerds | People who have shown significant knowledge in areas and support the community without being a wiki contributor. | | Sponsors | This role is automatically assigned to anyone who sponsors the project. (This role is not currently obtainable) |