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Getting Started

If you’re not looking for complete guides you’ll spend your time in the ‘documentation’ section of, we’ll cover the basic topics: economy, hosting, permissions, plugins, troubleshooting and more!

Below is a breakdown of each category and what you can expect to find within each of them.

Server Enhancements

Anti-X ToolsA section designed to discuss the tools that claim to modify / remove / restrict access to certain functionality within your server.
EconomyThis section focuses on the core aspects to build an economy within your server with plugin recommendations.
PermissionsThis section focuses on delivering an understanding of permissions, how they should be deployed along side plugin advice.
PluginsThis section takes a look at some of the must have premium and free plugins along side any recommended configuration files.


ProvidersA brief recommendation on some trusted providers within the hosting space providing Minecraft and cloud services.
SoftwareA review of both OS types and server management products.
TypesA brief overview on the different types of hosting that is available when looking to host a Minecraft server.


DatabasesAn explanation on when you might utilise a database over flat file in Minecraft.
SoftwareA look at the alternative server jar files you can use compared to the vanilla files from Mojang.
startupThe available server flags that can be used within your Bat file or control panel.