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A very important part of setting up your server is managing permissions. Permissions are little pieces of text that indicate an action. When you grant a certain group of players this permission, the plugin will know that they are allowed to perform this action. They are usually laid out like pluginname.permission. An example is the essentials.afk permission. If you give this permission to a player, they will be able to perform the /afk command.

It is a very bad idea to give someone (even yourself!) either the * or *.* permissions. Since permissions have niche uses that aren’t commands, doing this has a likely chance to cause problems.

So how does one grant permissions to their players? For this exact purpose people have created permission plugins. They allow you to create groups, usually associated with the term Rank. You can then give certain permissions to these groups, and assign players to these groups.

Plugin nameKB ArticleVersionsSummary
LuckPermsLuckPerms1.8.8 - 1.20.1LuckPerms is by far the most advanced solution for your permissions out there.
PowerRanksN/A1.13.x - 1.19.xPowerRanks is easier to use than LuckPerms, but offers a lot less functionality.