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EssentialsX formerly just Essentials is the core backbone to any Minecraft server, it introduces a wide range of utility commands (all of which are permission toggle controllable) that can be used to enhance the base gameplay over the vanilla commands.


  • Teleportation Systems such as /home, /warp, /spawn (EssentialsX Spawn addon), /tpa (teleport request) etc.,
  • Kit Handler,
  • Server-sided Sign Shops,
  • Message of the Day,
  • Nickname handler,
  • Economy System (Vault is required.),
  • Chat Manager (EssentialsX Chat addon),
  • Discord addon for sending messages from MC to Discord and vice versa,
  • EssentialsX AntiBuild addon for giving people building permissions in your worlds,
  • Geographical player lookup with EssentialsX-Geo addon,
  • EssentialsX Protect for better area protection,
  • It even has XMPP (EssentialsX XMPP),
  • and a lot of other features.