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Minecraft EULA

If you’re new to hosting a Minecraft server you should probably become familiar with what the EULA and CUG actually are. In short they’re a scope of principles Mojang would like your server to adhere to at all times if you don’t want it blacklisted at auth server level, these policies can change at any time and more often than not aren’t published to Mojang’s official channels e.g. Twitter.


The following additional changes have been made which will affect the most amount of servers since the huge enforcements in 2014.

  • All servers are now required to be suitable for all ages
  • All servers are now required to disclose their non-affiliation with Mojang and/or Microsoft
  • All servers are now required to implement their own ToS before a player is allowed to play
  • All players are now required to check back to the EULA on their own accord and players will not be updated of the change
  • Anything from non-commercial blogs, servers, community forums, fan sites, fan clubs, news groups, events, and gatherings are now deemed as commercial and must follow the CUG even if it will never make money
  • Mojang now has complete control over all forms of Minecraft content on online platforms
  • Mojang now has control over the term ‘Minecraft’ in creative content (YouTube, Twitch etc.) which may result in content removal
  • Mojang has the authority to grant or revoke permissions and consents at their discretion if they deem it appropriate or dislike what players are doing
  • Mojang has now outlawed the use of out-of-game mechanics to limit access to your Minecraft server e.g. queue based platforms in addition to gatekept content