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Who is for?

In short 'everyone', this project was started so information of value could be collated into a single pane of glass. We're not looking to reinvent the wheel, the goal is to be considered an 'index site' (basically like a search engine) where we will either link to the best articles that already exist on a topic or we will write something from the ground up.

We're backed by many members of the Admincraft Discord server, a community that homes over 5,000 members with knowledge that covers a wide range of fields.

Are there limitations to the projects scope?

We are open to any plugin developer(s) adopting as their knowledgebase repository, if this sounds like something you're interested in raise a PR with a description about your tool.

How can I contribute to the project?

For those who are looking to add new / improve existing content to our index you should totally check out this page which covers everything.

How to request a new feature?

For this we'd recommend using our Discord server, we utilise the forum channels for clarity and consolidation to a single location. Once enough information has been fed into the channel a project contributor will submit the idea along with supporting comments for documenting, at this stage the initial thread will be locked and closed.

Is our data production ready?

Most (if not all) of our docs are production ready documents. Some exceptions can be found within our lab docs and this is because a lab is an ever changing environment and the documentation provided represents the current state of ours.

Will this information carry forward with Bedrock?

It's an interesting topic and certainly in the short term most of our documentation will remain accurate. Some immediate differences surround the types of hardware you need for the same smooth experience and third party mod support (the latter is lacking as of late 2022).