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A section for optimising Minecraft servers. Optimising your server means to improve the performance of the server by implementing tweaks without heavily modifying desired mechanics. Advanced optimisation is only recommended for large servers suffering from poor performance.

Spark Profiler

You should use the Spark Profiler for monitoring server performance e.g. vanilla mechanics, plugins, GC pauses and cycles, memory usage etc.

Server JAR is currently the fastest, most stable free Paper fork available. Another alternative would be Purpur, which provides additional mechanics for players at the expense of rather negligible performance loss against Pufferfish. As for proxies, Velocity is easily the best option. Although it doesn’t have as many plugins as Bungeecord, it is far more stable and secure by default. Most popular plugins have already added support for Velocity.

You may also want to take a look at UniverseSpigot. Highly recommended for servers with player counts exceeding 200 (and experiencing lag, of course). It’s $70 price tag is certainly worth it. Do be careful with what settings you change as they can drastically affect gameplay.

Basic OptimisationTweaks that will likely suffice for small to medium-sized servers (< 100 Players) assuming that they have sufficient CPU & memory resources.
Advanced OptimisationTweaks made for larger servers with at least 150 players.