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With the game becoming as big as it has done over the last decade there have been hundreds of hosting providers of past and present that either deliver high-quality services or awful services that someone could pay you enough to use daily. The goal with this page is to highlight a few trustworthy names in the Industry that meet the following criteria.

  • Deliver to audiences at scale
  • Developed an overall positive reputation
  • Modernises hardware when required
  • Respectable end product for the price paid

It should be made clear that none of the references below are sponsored.

Unparalleled price to performance with dedicated resources on high-end AMD Ryzen hardware and a bespoke customised version of the Pterodactyl panel. Bloom is also now a provider in the VPS and managed server solutions space across multiple regions.

  • Locations: Ashburn, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Falkenstein, Singapore (Performance+ plans only)


  • Essentials MC 4GB: $10/month
  • Performance MC 8GB: $18/month
  • Performance+ MC 8GB: $24/month


EnviroMC is a quality Minecraft service provider that focuses on both the budget and high-end requirements of their customers, as of Sept. 19th 2022 URHOST clients will be absorbed into EnviroMC as part of a takeover agreement. EnviroMC also provides a VPS solution across the US, Europe and Asia.

  • Locations: Falkenstein, New York, Singapore, Warsaw (VPS Only)


  • Budget: $1/GB/month
  • Premium: $2.50/GB/month
  • Dedicated: See website for pricing

Hetzner GMBH

It would be impossible to create a provider list and not include Hetzner, they currently stand as the German kings when it comes to high-end hardware at an ultra affordable price point. If you’re running a large enough solution and just looking for the bare metal to run it on they should be food for thought.

  • Locations: Ashburn (VPS Only), Falkenstein, Helsinki, Nuremberg (VPS Only), Vint Hill (VPS Only)


  • Cloud Starting: €3.79/month
  • Dedicated Starting: €37/month


Formerly called Senior Hosting it’s the rebranded hosting division of Senior Studios who are a Minecraft Marketplace partner and have worked with multiple high-profile YouTube Minecraft content creators.

  • Locations: London, New York


  • Priced at $2.50/GB


OVH, much like Hetzner, is a compute only provider meaning they specialise in Cloud services and Metal (the platform we use for Labs)

  • Locations: Beauharnois, Frankfurt, Gravelines, London, Roubaix, Singapore, Strasbourg, Sydney, Vint Hill, Warsaw


  • Cloud Starting: $3.50/month
  • Dedicated Starting: $56/month (Yes, us!)

While not a maintstream hosting provider we decided to open up our unused compute for Tier 2 Github sponsors who are entitled to x1 6GB RAM Minecraft server. For obvious reasons we do have a cap on the amount of servers we’re available to host so will be offered on a first come first serve basis.

  • Location: Nuremberg


  • Tier 2: $15/month


A budget hosting provider with a global reach and an entry price point of 1$/GB utilising a range of both Ryzen and Xeon grade processors.

  • Locations: Chicago, Dallas, Frankfurt, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Singapore, Sydney


  • Budget: $1/GB/month
  • Premium: $2/GB/month

Other Providers

Yes, there are other great providers that haven’t made our list for one reason or another - if you do decide to venture out and search for other providers some things we’d recommend you looking out for are

Avoid These Things

  • Don’t use a host that makes you pay with a ‘per-player slot’ model - This is awfully dated and you should focus on resource based pricing instead
  • Don’t use Mojang (Microsoft) Realms - This is an Azure backed platform designed for bedrock but also has Java presence, in the long run you will not have an enjoyable experience
  • Don’t use a host that appears on a ‘drama site’ / forum - Hosts that make these lists tend to be awfully run and you’ll have a bad time with them

Look For These Things

  • Do your own research, check the companies TrustPilot reviews etc to get an understanding of how the customers feel
  • Look for hosts that advertise hardware components and don’t make you dig through pages of docs to get the information
  • Check the providers status page for a better understanding of reliability

If in doubt ASK! Measure twice and cut once.