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Resource Pack Hosting

If you’re looking to host your texture pack for your Minecraft community you can use a third party file hosting service to deliver your pack to Minecraft clients.

We ( have an official sharing site that can be used (for free) providing your packs are under 250MB in size.

Using our uploader

Firstly, open a browser and navigate to

Sign in using one of our SSO options / create a ‘traditional’ account using a username and password.

Select the ‘Getting Started’ free tier to finish setting up your account.

You will now be brought to the dashboard page, on the left hand side select ‘File link’

By pressing the ‘New Link’ button in the top right hand side you will be shown a file uploader

Select where your texture pack is on the system and upload the .zip file.

Select ‘create new file URL’ and await for the upload to be completed

You will then be presented with additional customisation options as well as the URL that needs to be added to your content.

Go into your file and where it has resource-pack paste in the URL provided from the website like so.

Compliance Reporting

This service is operated out of the United Kingdom and is distributed globally via the Cloudflare CDN.

Reporting Content

If you notice content that shouldn’t be on our platform, please inform us via a Github issue and we will complete a take-down request.