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Additional Services

As time has progressed we’ve continued to identify ways we can help server owners get up and running, has launched some additional services to help make your life easier.

Asset Hosting

We launched a file sharing platform that can be used to share assets quickly with your communities, host resource packs for your server and even create ‘link-in-bio’ style pages to help bring your community together.


  • 100MB file upload limit
  • Custom domain support premium
  • URL Shortener

Pregen Maps Refreshed for June

Various services offer this kind of solution but never made it available to the masses, we’re giving you two monthly custom world gen maps using Terra that can be downloaded using the links below.

In case you’ve never used a world generation plugin before we have a guide on how to get these configured regardless of the platform you’re running on.

Server Jar API

We took a cool idea produced by PenguiLoader on Github and we fixed some bugs then made it faster by distributing the workload to Cloudflare workers and running it on their amazing edge network.


The base domain is

The subsequent URL that follows is syntaxed as below.


To grab the latest paper .jar download.


To grab the latest vanilla server.jar download link. (no build parameter required)