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Additional Services

We want to be more than just an administration wiki which is why we’re also starting to offer some first party services.

That’s Hosted Over There

Starting off strong, we’re pleased to announce the expansion of our ‘UGC’ (User Generated Content) platform and have migrated everything over to a standalone product called “That’s Hosted Over There” (THOT for short).


  • 100MB file upload limit per upload
  • Custom domain support premium
  • ’Link in bio’ style pages
  • QR code generator
  • URL Shortener

Server Jar API

The have taken the work produced by PenguiLoader on Github and rewrote some code to work in Cloudflare workers. The API is super simple to use and will remain open source further enhance the API as time progresses.

The base domain is

The subsequent slug that follows is syntaxed as below.


To grab the latest paper .jar download:


To grab the latest vanilla server.jar download link: (no build parameter required)